Still wonder why Floridians say

“This is Florida Don’t Ya know!”

Tickets on Windshield


Body Found Inside car


Fort Lauderdale


Windshield of a Isuzu Axiom Suv

Not the car in question

Still wonder why my father in law

(Vealis Vermillion)

“May he rest in peace!”


Many other elders would say.

“This is Florida Don’t Ya know!”

In order to place a parking ticket


the windshield


there were five.

One must be looking at,

if not into the front window.

Dead man found inside SUV with pile of parking tickets on windshield

The body of 62 year old Jacob Morpeau from Miami

“May he also rest in peace!”

was found inside the vehicle on November 15th.

According to the

South Florida Sun Sentinel,

Morpeau died of natural causes and had been sick with a cardiovascular disease.

The SUV, parked along Southeast 6th Street west of Federal Highway, had received five tickets over a four day period from November 12th through the 15th. Two tickets were written within minutes of each other just before Morpeau’s body was discovered.

Body Found Inside Fort Lauderdale SUV With Days Worth of Tickets on Windshield

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Fort Lauderdale issues parking tickets to SUV with dead man inside

By Jeff Tavss – Executive Producer

Posted: 1:19 PM, December 02, 2016Updated: 4:36 PM, December 02, 2016

Windshield of a Isuzu Axiom Suv


Not the car in question