Big business should not be allowed to buy into our government.

MR. President please help to stop the abuse of your citizens


William C. Storey Sr



(as a citizen of this country),

stand with the


Standing Rock Protestor Citizens of this country.

President Barrack Obama

As a long time voting citizen,

twice for you my friend,


knowing your background

in the law of this land.

I ask you,


citizen to citizen,


to help stop

this unlawful abuse


of your people,

their drinking water


the land.

Big business should not be allowed to buy into our government.


Thank you Senator Harry Reid

for your stand

with the

legal protest

of the land in question.

Harry Reed stands with Standing Rock Protestors

Senator Harry Reid took to the Senate floor today to show his support for the peaceful resolution to the protests surrounding the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Our people have been abused by this government

at some place on our land daily since 1492.

It is about time this stopped.

Protest against North Dakota pipeline held in Fort Lauderdale