You have the freedom to vote and the right to protest


You have the


freedom to vote



the right to protest

If you believe in.

Not allowing governments right to jail or deport you for not agreeing with it (them).

Your rights as a worker.

Saving our environment, climate change, the restrictions on shale, oil, gas and coal extraction.

Stop any pipeline that is a threat to you and your family.

A person’s right to protest.

Better clearer voting methods.

Saving your health insurance.


Our laws already on the books for immigrants right to citizenship.

Take a stand for Justice!


Features » November 21, 2016

On Inauguration Day,

Don’t Go to Work.

Don’t Buy Anything.

We Need A National Strike to Stop Trump.

A call for a national

Protesters demonstrate against President-elect Donald Trump in Philadelphia on November 19.

(Mark Makela/Getty Images

The message of a nationwide Sick Out on Inauguration Day will help prepare people for the multiple acts of resistance that will be required by us over the next four years.

The only thing holding us back from engaging in this collective action

is our hesitancy to believe that it is possible.

Editor’s note:

Marianne Hastings is a pseudonym.

The author of this piece chose not to use her real name out of concern that she could face workplace retaliation for speaking out against the Trump administration.

As protests against the election of Donald Trump continue, many have called on demonstrators to give the president-elect a chance, to “wait and see” what he does in office.

But those curious about Trump’s immediate priorities need look no further than

his “Contract with the American Voter,”

which he released in October. In it,

he effectively promised that by the end of April he would cancel many of President Obama’s executive orders

that protect workers, immigrants and the environment;

begin barring millions of Muslims from entry to the U.S.;

imprison or deport millions of undocumented workers;

cancel all federal funding to sanctuary cities


climate change programs;

lift restrictions on shale, oil, gas and coal extraction;

fast-track pipeline projects


kick millions of people off their health insurance.

Many of these promises are executive actions

that Trump will be able to enact without the cooperation of Congress.

These are what the Trump campaign has called

the “First Day Project,”

which Trump based on signing at least 25 executive orders that would

seek to “erase … the Obama Presidency.”


A tweeting book for Trump!