Petty bickering and whining amongst ourselves


We must keep fighting for all Americans

By Sheretta Bulter-Barns, Darrell Hudson and David Patterson Silver Wolf, Guest columnists Dec 1, 2016


(Collaboration on Race, Inequalities, and Social Mobility in America).

Right you are.


If we can all come together as one nation of people.

I say the main reason why we the

African Americans,

Native Americans,




of the country lost ground on November 8th.

Was mainly because of our


petty bickering and whining amongst ourselves.

Hillary Clinton didn’t do this,

the Democratic party did that


No one did what I wanted,

when I wanted them to do,

what I wanted?

Whatever that means?

In other words,


“We never graduated for Sandbox!”

We only have the next two years to come together as one and correct this.

Anyone in congress

that does not do for our people

for a change

needs to be voted

out of office!

No more African Americans, Native Americans, Hispanics/Latinos, Middle-class and poor!

One people for the good of us all.

Too many African Americans were involved with

“Black is Beautiful”

not that it isn’t a good cause,

because it is.

But it is only one cause.

Native Americans, and Hispanics/Latinos were all tied up in a thing called,

the Clintons didn’t come to visit enough?

Well guess how often Trump will be visiting.