Pastors, Priest and Rabbi OH MY!

Pastors, Priest and Rabbis OH MY!


Are you starting to feel the Pain yet?


Would Jesus Christ, Jehovah God, Allah, approve of the

“Trump Whitehouse Staff being formed, to run the country and the world?”

Post addressed to all of those

‘religious leaders’

that so rudely took over my car and shop radio

with statements like

Hillary is the Devil


Donald the Saviors of the World.

Are you starting to feel the Pain yet?

“Just Checking!”

Let us take a close look at the

‘Trump New Staffing.”

Old White men, White Supremacist,

by the way the only one in the group that admits to his beliefs.

The others are still hiding in Trumps coat pockets


are so called Christians.

When it suits them to be Christians.

If one is going to profess being a Christian, one must have been reading or had someone read, “Gods Word a few times!”

Everything that Donald Trump was calling Hillary Clinton

(Crooked Hillary),

Donald Trump is now doing and much, much, more


He is not yet your president!