The people have spoken


Remember People.

God is in charge of Mother Earth and has a reason for this sad state of affair in the world this day!


God is also in charge of the (Christian) Pastors and Priest that director their flock down this road to (President Donald Trump)!

John 16:33 (Matt. 24:21, Rev. 2:22, and Rev. 7:14).

The country that I so proudly spent six (6), years of my youth helping to defend its freedom, has spoken.


Once again, the people have spoken and their president has been denied the rightful office that the people wanted for their leader.

President Al Gore won the presidency.

Because the majority of the people voted him into office.

The conniving, lying, cheating, people in control of the country screw him out of office.


The country tanked into a depression from two un necessary wars.

A large depression from a surplus from his predecessor

(President Bill Clinton).

President Hillary Clinton also won the presidency.

Because the majority of the people voted her into office.


The conniving, lying, cheating people, in control of the country, screw her out of office.


Voted in her place an accused rapist, hater of anyone that voices an opinion other than his, money hungry, Warmonger.

Will this country tanked into another large depression from a surplus from his predecessor (Barrack Obama)?

The saddest thing is that,

We the people cannot change all of those loopholes because the controlling people in control of our country do not want change.

2 thoughts on “The people have spoken

  1. Also remember Hilary won the popular vote by a margin of 240K and counting. The electoral college elected Trump in opposition to voting will of the people. This is the second time this has happened recently. The last time was when Al Gore won the election but the electoral college elected G Bush Jr. We are not a true democracy when the voting will of the people doesn’t count.


    • Thank you cindy knoke
      This is just what I was trying to say in the post, bottom half.
      This country has a very short memory, people like you and I must keep reminding them of the truth.


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