Democratic Party be Dammed!


 Hear Katy Perry R O A R!

We Got the eye of a Tiger

You know that I am voting for Hillary Clinton


What you do not know is that

I am furious with the head inconsiderate, fools of the Democratic Party.


They have left me, my family, my followers in Florida, the State of Florida, the country and the world to the hands of the (Trickster) of my state.

Trickster is a Native name for the Devil!

This selfish political party pulled their money away from a good person in a swing state to dump into states with little to no chance of winning.

As a result, we have been left to suffer with a proven mini trump.

I want to be your senator so that I can keep giving to me and trickle down to the Floridians!



New Clinton camp TV ad gets help from Katy Perry