Two presidential contenders in Indian Country


Mr. Robert Satiacum

Have you ever sat down to write three names

on your computer


looked each one up

as to visits to Indian country?


Looked up all proof positive as to guilt or innocence?

Two presidential contenders one called


with absolutely no proof, just insinuations.

One that is a proven criminal, even by his own mouth!


Why are my brothers and sisters still being ignored by the law of the land?

I give you

(Robert Satiacum, a member of the Puyallup Tribe),

as proof positive!

Mr. Satiacum is in the position to be able

to pull our people out of the quagmire

of government rules and regulations.

So, what does he do?

He flaunts the law of the land!

Trump, in a Federal Lawsuit, Seeks to Block Indian Casinos


Published: May 4, 1993


The Clinton Family visits to Indian Country


Stop the crying and let us get to work.


Native Americans want President Clinton (Madam President),


Bernie Sanders spent more time with them then she did this year.


That’s one visit

Where was Bernie Sanders for the other 35 plus years?

Native Americans want President Clinton

(Madam President),

to see the Substance shown at the DNC, take birth and grow into reality.


Washington state elector says he won’t vote for Clinton

Published November 05, 2016

Americans vote for the president on Election Day, but they’re really casting votes for each state’s electors, who will decide the next president on Dec. 19.

A Democratic elector in Washington state said Friday that he would not cast his Electoral College vote for Hillary Clinton if, as is likely, she wins the state in Tuesday’s election.

Robert Satiacum, a member of the Puyallup Tribe, supported Bernie Sanders in the Democratic primary, which the Vermont senator won by approximately a 3-to-1 margin. He said he believes Clinton is a “criminal” who doesn’t care enough about American Indians and “she’s done nothing but flip back and forth.”

He said he has wrestled with what to do, but feels that neither Clinton nor Republican Donald Trump can lead the country.

Satiacum is one of Washington’s twelve Democratic Electors, who pledged to represent the popular vote in the state.

He faces a $1,000 fine for not doing so, but in an earlier interview told KING 5 that doesn’t bother him.

In Mr. Robert Satiacum state, let alone throughout all of Indian country,

there are thousands of people with ancestors just an ‘Indian’ as his ancestors.

did he do anything to help them with the government?


does he shun them because he is set in his life.

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