What kind of a Female, Vote’s for Donald Trump?

What kind of a Female, Vote’s for Donald Trump?

I was born and brought up in a matriarch society by matriarch elders so,

“I do not understand.”


How can a mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, aunt, sister, daughter or any female of voting age justify voting for a (man), that from his own mouth, Twitter and Facebook account, Television, Newspapers, and Radio, talk the way he has been talking, writing, and saying for

“All of his Life?”

What are you thinking?

The only thing in the media about Hillary Clinton, is the empty lies, even from the FBI, about Emails, something I must remind you,

“Every politician ever in the country’s political system,”

has had and used their own Emails to write correspondents!

The only answer I have been getting from other females is,

“Women are jealous of other women with success!”

I say,


What kind of a man,

hearing and seeing, this person’s filthy, foul mouth, about his wife, mother, grandmother great-grandmother daughter, aunt and cousin

votes for him?



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