Where is Kevin Locke?


After all it is Lakota/Dakota Land!

Given to them by this government in exchange for their old tribal land.

Global Energy News | Sun Oct 30, 2016 | 8:08am IST

Tribe vows to fight North Dakota pipeline through winter



A no show Lakota

Native American Hoop Dancer Kevin Locke

is a Lakota that travels the casino circle

the powwow circuit,

every place but on the front line

to protect his peoples drinking water.



Desecrated Graves


You all know me by now,

I am in full agreement with the brothers and sisters on their land

protecting their ancestors

from yet another brutal attack from our government.

Creator knows that some twenty years ago

I would be with them in body as well as spirit.

Will it ever end?


Is my guess.

This government has been taking from our people

for over two hundred years, why should they stop now?

They have the weapons.

A pet peeve of the True Traditionalists in


all around the New England area

since about the 1980’s

has been the few stragglers

from west of the Mississippi river

that come to teach our people how to be Indians.

We do not wish to be Indians,

I did enjoy by visits to India back in the 1960’s 

however, my people are Native Americans.