Sanford Burnham the sponge of the country


Sanford Burnham the sponge of the country

This company sponged off California.

Back in 2006 Governor Jeb Bush while our governor, paid this sponge company $310,000,000 taxpayer dollars to steal,

(with California’s blessing I might add),

them to the best of the best real state in Florida.

In addition, helped them build a no taxpaying company.

After ten years of non-profit,

this sponge company wants to move to another victim state.

Because the University of Florida would not get sucked into a money draining company.

What’s the problem?

Let them go!

Did you notice the same trend from our Governor Rick Scott?

Millions of our tax dollars to many non taxes paying companies into Florida.

My name is

Shechaim Ohjieshan Walkingfox


I approve of this message.