“Don’t block the sun”


Do not get confused on this one!

“Vote no on this (amendment #1) Florida.”

Anyone following this blogger,

even for a short period,

knows that I believe in


in fact,

Alternative energy of all kinds.

Back on January 2015

Amendment #2


we did vote for solar to the people.

This vote on November 8th 2016

is for

‘more money into the pockets of the power companies’!


“Vote no on 1.

Don’t block the sun,”

said Lorraine Koss,

A League of Women Voters of the Space Coast board director.

“The monopoly power companies have put together a grassroots group that they call Consumers for Smart Solar. It is anything but smart. All it does it affirm the rights we already have — but it introduces language that assumes that those that don’t have solar are subsidizing those that do,” Koss said.



Banks of solar panels aboard the Archimedes tilted towards the noonday sun Friday at a Front Street Park dock, serving as a clean-energy backdrop while a series of speakers denounced Amendment 1 on the upcoming general-election ballot.


Supporters Want Solar Choice On 2016 Ballot

By Gina Jordan• Jan 14, 2015


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