Preparing for Hurricane Matthew

Preparing for Hurricane Matthew


Hurricane Matthew is coming down the throat of the Floridians of Florida.

President Barrack Obama, Senator Bill Nelson and Governor Rick Scott have been on duty constantly caring for our people.

Where in the heck is No Show Rubio?

Senator Marco Rubio is one of two senators from Florida, in office to care and help make Florida a better place for her Floridians!

Marco, you cannot do this while hiding

in a corner wetting your diaper!

Hillary Clinton and Representative Patrick Murphy are helping and showing their concern


3 thoughts on “Preparing for Hurricane Matthew

  1. You can bet No-Show Rubio isn’t sitting on the east coast of Florida today!! Things are starting to really act up around here now, friend. I just hope they’re wrong about it making a U-turn and coming back at us a second time!!


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