Ninety-year-old navy, World War-2 veteran


Ninety-year-old navy, World War-2 veteran


Thank you Florida for your concern for your handy capped!

Thank you for your concern for your veterans.


Yesterday was our normal shopping day.

What we did not plan on was driving into a hornet nest.

We were thinking that today would be the ‘hornet nest day’.



we were fortunate enough to get a spot for me right at the door, because this does not happen often.

I shop for what I need, she babysit our masters (Breanna & Ziek).

She shops and I baby sit.

Point of fact.

Once again while sitting with the children, Breanna and Ziek,

I noticed a pickup truck across from us.

In this truck, parked in a great handy capped spot, was a young man.

Within a few minutes,

he places one of those hanging rearview mirror handy capped placards

on the dash,

jumped from the truck, driver side,

and ran into the store


In a few minutes,

he ran out the door,

jumped into his truck,

ate something

and about a half hour left.

This is the reason for the posting.


I watched this old man

with a walker,

walk out the door of


and he was walking very slowly.

I locked our car doors and helped him across, because I watched the cars fly by.

I was fearing that someone might just run him over,

this is Florida don’t you know?

By the time we walked past my car,

I knew his naval career

and where he lives

and he knew mine.

My new friend is a 90-year-old retired World War-2 sailor.

My new friend had to walk

with his walker

up the hill to his car.

I see things like this just about every time

that we shop at any of our Wal-Mart’s.

While I see young families parked and/or parking


in handy capped spot

with their grandmother placard.

I have contacted every public official about this with the same response,

(Shift the Responsibility)!

States like South Carolina


have a photo of the handy capped person

on the rear view mirror placard.

That person better be in the car or come out of the store

when parked in a handy capped spot.

Because the driver and the owner of the placard will be fined and the owner of the placard will lose the placard.

Thank you Florida for your concern for your handy capped!

Thank you for your concern for your veterans.