Donald Trump’s ‘Tax Loophole


Donald Trump did not find or invent this loophole

how Trump’s advisers almost certainly arranged the massive tax losses, skipped out on a massive income-tax bill, and then fashioned a loophole with more valuable tax benefits than the already liberal tax breaks Congress gives big real-estate owners while sticking others with the bill.


Again, I will repeat this (EVERY), Millionaire and Billionaire in the country knew and have used this loophole.

Donald just paid his attorneys to make it work for him!

If you must praise of punish anyone then you need to find a good attorney


Art of the Steal:

This Is How Trump Lost $916M and Avoided Tax

This is how Donald Trump’s accountants and lawyers most likely used the tax code to avoid paying income tax for almost two decades.

Donald Trump may not have paid personal income tax for years because of a $916 million loss in 1995, according to the New York Times.

Certain U.S. tax rules could explain it, though one year of records isn’t enough to be sure.

The implication is that the Republican U.S. presidential candidate is a living

“special interest”

of the kind he has decried.