What would cause a mass suicide in America?

What would cause a mass suicide in America?

After pounding Hillary Clinton with Billions of dollars in political ads.

While blaming her for everything that has happened over the last 30 plus years

While finding nothing to stop her from improving the living conditions in the country.


The only thing we can find against her over those past thirty plus years is.

She is not carrying thousands of ‘Bad Garbage’,

does not have a foul mouth,

respects everyone,

is friends with every countries citizens in the world,


respects a persons rights to chose his or her own faith, race, gender and health.


She also uses her own Email account,

as so many government officials, democrat or republican,

has done in the past.


As with those past government officials before her.

She was, is, and will be, cleared of any wrong!


What will they do if another

Female jumped into the race in four years?

Florida and the country must start now to prepare for

an up and coming mass suicide.


When Michelle Obama starts her run to be our president.


What will my republican friends do about this?

A (Black), African American, Women, Democrat,

as the President of the United States of America!


What will any of my followers, friends, floridians


republican citizens that are willing to give anyone,

even the Donald, a pass as their Führer

rather than vote against their Republican Party?

President Michelle Obama

Yes, my friends, she was born in the United States of America,

is extremely educated, loves to talk to the citizens, loves our children and has a ‘Spotless Record’

She even (Aced) the past eight years as your

“First Lady!”

Watch Michelle Obama

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