Deadly rush hour train crash

The Federal Congress makes,

brings to the floor,

and passes,


(All Bills),

Not the President!

Yes Donald Trump,

this also means bills

to improve

the infrastructure of our country.

Not President Barrack Obama

or any

Secretary of State!


United States History 101!

Déjà vu:

a bill

Was introduced in the Senate in March of 2015

to extend the PTC deadline to 2020

to help accommodate the cost, interoperability

and spectrum barriers the railroads are facing.


A year and a half after

S. 650 was introduced,

it was placed on the

‘Senate legislative calendar’.


The future of the federal PTC mandate is unclear.

It is also worth mentioning that the original PTC legislation

was passed in 2008.

Positive Train Control (PTC),

on all trains could have prevented this accident.

For more than 40 years now.


PTC has been available and up for a vote in the congress


also shot down by the congress.

ABC reporting ABC news good morning

Deadly rush hour train crash

30 of those 40 years are with

a republican controlled congress.

ABC Good Morning America; World News

At least 1 dead, multiple critical injuries in Hoboken train accident


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