The former first daughter is unfazed.


Chelsea Clinton Slams Donald Trump

After He Threatens to Discuss Her Father’s Infidelity

The former first daughter is unfazed.

I Say!

This country and most of the world already know about past president William Clinton

and many of our countries past presidents,

outside of marriage affair.

We also know that it is a family affair and that his wife Hillary Clinton forgave him.

We also know about a few of Donald Trump’s outside of marriage affairs, granted we do not know or care about all of them.

Because they are also a family affair, all of his wife’s family affairs.


How about if we just drop the mudslinging crap and talk about what a Donald Trump’s presidency will do for the world, the country, our states, families and the planet?

Because even after all of this time

puffing a smoke screen,

we no longer want this to be

his secret!

Inae Oh

Sep. 28, 2016 12:52 PM


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