Presidents must do something about Social Security to save it


Presidents must do something

about Social Security to save it

I totally agree with this Republican Ad Commercial

Our next president needs to take action on Social Security or future generations could lose up to $10,000 a years.

Bernie Sanders Social Security ‘take action sign’.

You might still remember,

Independent, Socialist, Senator, Bernie Sanders?

He was the one that lost a hard fort battle with Hillary Clinton to represent this country as president


told the world that he would

spend the rest of the year fighting for Hillary against Donald?

Where did he go?


Back to the republicans ad.

I, and millions of people around the world,

know how to put Social Security


back on the tracks once again.

Back on March 2, 1981, the then president,

stole billions of dollars from Social Security

to make it look as if he removed the massive debt.

When, in fact he just places

Social Security on the road to a death sentence.

We the voters must force the Ronald Reagan foundation;

his Vice-President George W.H. Bush foundation;


his son

George W. Bush foundation;

To pay back this money, all of those billions of dollars.

Then get laws pass by congress

to force politicians

to keep their dirty hands

off Social Security!

Good luck with that move!