Would you drink the water?

As predicted, the water is Clean.

What does

“The Water is Clean Mean?

I worked on boilers, furnaces and water heaters at some wastewater plants

before my retirement and could see and smell some of those

“Clean Water System”.

Would you drink the water?

As I stated in earlier blogs,

The report well be coming clean and clear, they left off the clear?

“The water is Clean?”

It can take months, years and sometimes even longer for polluted water

to reach your well and the aquifer.

Ask the experts that are not being paid by the company is question.

So again, I say to


ECT, The Managers at the Mosaic-New Wales plant and our News Media

(would you drink this clean water in say 10 years)?

Federal lawsuit filed by residents near Mulberry sinkhole

Sep 23, 2016


MULBERRY, Fla. – A federal lawsuit has been filed by three Polk County residents who live near a fertilizer plant where more than 200 million gallons of contaminated waste water leaked into one of the state’s main underground sources of drinking water.

The proposed class-action lawsuit filed Thursday seeks to recover damages, including for the residents’ possible losses of private wells, and for water testing, monitoring and treatment.

Mosaic-New Wales plant on Country Road 640 in Mulberry, the world’s largest supplier of phosphate, said a sinkhole opened up beneath a pile of waste material called a “gypsum stack.”

The 215-million gallon storage pond sat atop the waste mineral pile. The company said the sinkhole is about 45 feet in diameter.

Mosaic said it is monitoring groundwater and has found no offsite impacts. It’s also offering free drinking water testing to the community.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.


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