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Not real sure which of the five you are looking for however,

the five below, Religion, Culture, Traditions, Beliefs and Spirituality

are all basic for our people from in and around your area


(Moiigan/ People)

Welcome Griswold Senior High School Jewett City, Connecticut

To one of our posting

Native American Religion, Culture, Traditions, Beliefs and Spirituality


Beliefs and Spirituality in our culture are the same and one could call them a religion, we do not.

The Traditions of our people,

(The true traditionalist people of our/your land).

Is what I have been trying to write about

over the last 60 of 70 years

starting from my school systems of Connecticut


continuing to today through our websites and blogs.

Native American Religion, Culture, Traditions, Beliefs and Spirituality

This would seem to be a long gone period that people like me could only reminisce about.


While reading this website one would have to agree with her.

Mortal Indian, Immortal Manifest Destiny

Wambli Sina Win (a Rosebud Lakota) is correct to be speaking for all of the tribes past and present, because since first contact the indigenous peoples of Indian country has dwindled down to around 500 tribes recognized and at least as many not recognized by this government!

I can speak with true knowledge from my people about the treatment of our graves, because we had to allow a giant cement grave stone to be built in a place where people could think that our great Sachem Chief Unkas is buried for fear that someday it will be disturbed. He, nor any of the ancestors were ever buried in that place.


Only a few Traditionalist will ever know the true resting place of our first leader and first ancestors!

The owners of the cemetery

were my people were buried

found my grandfathers site


just buried over him!