Representative Patrick Murphy is not a Small Business owner

Representative Patrick Murphy’s ‘Small Business’

Does he or Doesn’t he that is the question?

For a year now, we have been bombarded with ads about Representative Patrick Murphy and that he does not have a ‘Small Business’!


This morning we are being bombarded now with two ads.


One is still telling Floridian voters that Representative Patrick Murphy is a liar and a shyster because, as the ad states, he does not own a business.

The second ad is telling the Floridian voters that Representative Patrick Murphy is crooked because his ‘family business,’ has sold us to big business for 1.7 billion dollars.

Patrick Murphy ‘unaware’ of father’s role in $1.7 billion construction project


How can a business that does not exist take in crooked money?

If Florida, or any other state or country in the world, wants to take in easy money, fine every politicians and/or government official the states in public, a lie or half-truth!

Our politicians and government officials will be so poor that we can even get the average ‘Joe’ or ‘Johanna’ working for the good of the people, into office.

Murphy did work as a CPA. But he first held a lesser title and then worked as a CPA for less than a year.

“Patrick is a licensed CPA who did valued accounting work in Florida,” Courtney Connolly told the Sentinel.

Murphy was a small business owner. But the business was owned by multiple people and grew out of a business owned by his father. The business was Coastal Environmental Services, a company formed to clean up the Gulf oil spill. Ultimately the firm only did work in the Gulf for a few months.