School is in again 2016

Remember, Shechaim Ohjieshan will not do your homework, not out of trickery but out of love.

You cannot learn a thing other than how to watch someone doing your work

No one is willing to pay you to do that 24/7

What is on our websites and blogs is for everyone to read about our people, this might not be a correct statement with tribes in your are. Aquine

Snohomish, Washington

Six visits to one of our postings about a ceremony.

Native American birth rituals


Must be from a school?

Interesting, this is about as far from our people as one can get and still be in this country.

All are always welcome I was just wondering why, from who and did you get your answer?

Sparta, Wisconsin


Native American birth rituals


South Sioux City, Nebraska

Sacred Naming Ceremony Protocol


Stafford Springs, Connecticut

Chicopee Massachusetts



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