Governor Scott’s efforts to block funding for reproductive health clinics

As I have stated many times

and plan to do this until sleeping giants

wake up to this reality!

Zika Virus

Zika Virus

Long before the Zika Virus was in the country


President Barrack Obama,

According to ‘the Donald’, now is a citizen of this country,


Offered 1.9 Billion Dollars.



With no strings attached

to help prevent the Zika Virus from spreading into this country.

Since that time and until now,

After Zika is in this country,

congress has not accepted his offer!

Congress wants to drop his offer

to 1.1 billion

And only if the president agrees to cut funding to Planned Parenthood,

the best help in Florida for pregnant women!


Florida Tried to Shut Down Women’s Health Clinics.

Then Zika Came Along.

Here’s how the state’s war on abortion is hurting its fight against the virus.


So far, Governor Rick Scott’s state

Has restricts public insurance coverage for abortion, and prevents health insurance providers on the Obamacare exchange from covering abortion, with no exception for fetal anomaly.

There is also a ban on abortion after 24 weeks.

Jeri Bustamante, a spokeswoman for Scott,

wouldn’t comment on whether Scott’s efforts to block funding for reproductive health clinics might be undermining his fight against Zika, but she did point out that the Department of Health is now testing pregnant women for Zika at no cost, and that, for now, the virus is contained to a small neighborhood in Miami.

Do you still wish to vote

to return this group of old fuddy-duddies,

to rule over you,

your wife,

your daughters

and your family?