O.K. my Friends


I could not get my heart back into my chest until now and had to spend a lot of time at the Prayer Altar to pump my swollen head, after so many kind words on my comments page.


Thank you all.

I have ‘never’ received anything from my followers that I did not love.

Because that is the type of people, you all are.

And if I did, I would get back to that altar to see what it was

that I did wrong.

No my friends,

this must have been a ‘Trunk Spy,’ and I had him blocked!

Remember, I am not a Democrat.

I also am not a Republican.

I write and vote as to what, “I believe,” is the best choice for

my family,






This years, I Believe, it is not

(the Donald)!

Not (no show Rubio)!

This time around, after carefully checking parties and their candidates what they stand for,

I am voting Democrat.

This person did not like that, oh well.

I may or may not continue and that depends on the parties.

For instance.

Ford is moving its small auto plants to Mexico!

This, my friends,

means that if you pay the political party in power enough;

you can do just about anything

“that money can buy

(Outsourcing included).”



Thank you all for those undeserved kind words.