Patrick Murphy is a CPA/Business Owner

Patrick Murphy is a CPA/Business Owner


Patrick Murphy is a CPA!

Patrick Murphy is a Small Business Owner!


Marco Rubio’s new ad


Patrick Murphy is not a CPA and not a business owner????????

Patrick Murphy is a CPA and had no need to become a CPA in Florida.

Patrick Murphy is a Small Business Owner

that was duped by the problems with the Gulf Oil Spill.


(Out of this country British Petroleum oil company)!

Crooked foreign company, greedy politicians and Patrick Murphy has a front yard of useless equipment because he is not crooked!


Marco Rubio, Marco Rubio?

The 30-second spot, “Polo,” is almost equal parts criticism of Republican Rubio for his worst-in-the-Senate attendance record, and introductory remarks for Murphy, laying out the basic issues on which he wants to run.