The Act of Picking a President


The Act of Picking a President

 “This is not a Kick the Politician down the road, post!”


I was asked a profound question today.


Profound question does not necessitate a profound answer, nor does a profound answer require a profound question.


If you think that we are

‘a one politician party candidate family’,

you do not know us very well


we are not explaining ourselves very well.

We vote for the person that we believe

will put the most money into our checking account

and is willing to prove that.


Is willing to help protect the family, our friends, town, cities and the country.


So here we go, with the question?

“Is this the way that we should be picking our next president?”

“Said after a year of watching mud slingers 24/7!”

I understand this question


How many American citizens understand this problem also?

I believe quite a few.

Let’s go to the old, to pick a new, in 2020.


Maybe even 2016.

Politics needs psychology right now.

The choice of the next President and Congress can destroy or advance human civilization, given the power of this government at home and abroad.

To choose leaders, American citizens need direct and confirmed knowledge of the psychology of real political judgments.

For far too many years,

we seem to be picking the politician

for a government office

by which one can


“Sling the most Mud!”


“Which politician can get this


mud to stick,

right or wrong?”

We in this civilized world

need to be using and picking

civilized questions


get civilized answers!

For instance,

“If a politician is telling voters that he/she can create many more jobs!”

We the civilized voters must demand the, How.

How are you going to do this, question

and not allow another statement

until our question is answered

to our satisfaction!

This world does not need



This world

does need

“World Peace!”