Mountain View California


Welcome once again to Mountain View California


This time on this visit is

 to our take on the American Flag.

The Flag is a ‘Piece of Cloth’


As I look at this new, strange occurrences that has arisen lately

by our youth in this country.

Where for some unknown reason our flag is blamed for racial problems.

Speaking as a Native American Veteran, I do not get it.

Putting it simple,

you can burn your flag and still be treated the same

as if you did not burn the flag.


You can nip the problem in the butt


dump the bad people passing bad laws

allowing you to keep being abused.

As long as you keep voting in crooked politicians that only care about your money and themselves

because you like their party,

you will keep getting bad politicians that only care about your money and themselves.

At least think about giving the Clinton’s and a political party willing to work for her and what she wants to do for you?

If she does not do exactly 100% of what you want in government,

what do you have to lose

you have this now!

It would seem to me that things got much better


Bill Clinton in office for those 8 Years!