We get to see Trumps taxes.


Donald Trump’s America With!

My ad is no more crazy


pumped full of holes then

the Trump ads.


Donald Trump’s America with a Republican Controlled

(Congress awakens and gets to work)

In addition, the

(Stagnate Supreme Court gets a republican judge)!

We get to see Trumps taxes.

He has no money

because it is all tied up

in stocks and bonds

in other countries.


Donald Trump nominates

a judge that is in his favor

to the Supreme Court.

The members of the Federal Senate that

‘America Smart Voters’

did not replace.

Immediately swear this judge into the Supreme Court.


(Do nothing vacationing Federal Congress),

that was not replaced,

comes back to work to start passing laws

favoring the 1% to 10% rich members of the country.

Because this congress is a puppet of

“Big Business!”

This country goes to wars with whatever country will need the most (War-Machines), in order to defeat, because Big Business wants to make more War Machines, stop alternative energy projects and drill/fracking more oil and gas wells.

You will not be able to stop this because Big Business rules the country.


Without the interference of the Democratic Party, outsourcing will be tripled and workers that do not like their cuts in pay will be deported.

The air, land and water will become polluted.

This country will become a third World Country.


My ad is no more crazy and pumped full of holes then the Trump ads.

However, What IF?

Hillary Clinton without?



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