Hillary Clinton, Trustworthy or Untrustworthy?

Hillary Clinton, Trustworthy or Untrustworthy?

If for over 30 years,

Hillary Clinton was telling you

what she would to for you

and your country

to help you and your country.


For every one of those years she did not lie and produced what she had promised.

Why would she start lying now just  to keep on doing

what she has been doing

all of those 30 plus years?

Fact that is not in dispute by any knowledgeable person.

Hillary Clinton’s Emails were not marked Classified while she was Secretary of State!


Lies or no lies?

Unless you can prove that she is clairvoyant,

she did not send classified mail of any kind to anyone!


(Clairvoyant definition, having or claiming to have the power of seeing objects or actions beyond the range of natural vision).

While Clinton was not indicted for matters relating to her use of a private email account

and server for her work as Secretary of State,

She was

harshly criticized by the FBI director,

(would you have excepted anything else from the FBI)?

Hell No you would not!



Because Donald Trump, the Republican Party and their Super-Pac’s would not allow you too!

VAIO - hypocrite1

Hundreds of their lying ads daily on Corrupt Media Stations!

No proof, just lying Ads!

So basically,

because of those Lying Ads,


you condemned her standing on some key candidate qualities has taken a bit of a hit.

Sixty-seven percent of voters now say Clinton is not honest and trustworthy,


up from 62 percent last month and the highest percentage this election cycle.

Only 28 percent view her as honest.


Clinton’s ratings on honesty were more positive soon after she announced her presidential bid in April of last year.

What has changes since that time?

Thousands of FAULTS ADs!

Also, fewer now say she is prepared for the job of president than did so last month – although half still say she is.


Although Clinton receives lower marks on these attributes compared to last month,

views of Trump have not improved on these measures and remain mostly negative.

Sixty-two percent of voters don’t think he’s honest


after all of this time watching him in the Media,

can anyone call  him Honest?


(compared to Clinton’s 67 percent),

and two-thirds continue to say Trump is not prepared for the job of president, compared to 48 percent who say that about Clinton.

What else must Hillary do for you so that you can call her HONEST?

On the email matter specifically,

most voters think Clinton did something wrong when she set up a personal email address and server

for work while she was Secretary of State, including 46 percent who think what she did was illegal, up slightly from 41 percent last month.

There are partisan differences.

Most Republicans (78 percent) and half of independents think what Clinton did was illegal.

Among Democrats, 43 percent say she did nothing wrong, and another 35 percent said she did something improper but not illegal.

Few Democrats think she broke the law.

Voters are divided on whether the FBI investigation into the email matter was fair.


Because the Republican Party said so?

Forty-eight percent express at least some confidence that the investigation was independent and impartial,

while 47 percent have little or no confidence.

Most Republicans and a slim majority of independents don’t think the investigation was impartial, while most Democrats think it was.


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  1. I think that works both ways. You can’t cover your ears over your favorite candidate’s flaws, then trumpet forth the rival candidate’s flaws. Unfortunately we’ve got a couple of complicated flawed candidates.


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