Doctor to Doctor

Doctor to Doctor

 We have been so busy

that I was not checking all of my sites.

From lablouisianaboy

A very good friend on .

on 7/28/16

To Zieks Doctor


From professor to professor, I would like to express thanks to Dr. Wuerz who I have never met but obviously is a dedicated, caring professional who I encourage to emphasize those traits along with the clinical knowledge to her students at the University of Florida. To Breanna and Ziek, my best to both and to your humans to whom you bless with your love and comradely just as they bless you. While each may be strong and capable by themselves, together as a family the bonds are made stronger exponentially. on




I am so sorry for the delay in answering your beautiful tribune to Ziek and Breanna’s doctor.

We have been busy enjoying our newest (BOSS) to family.