Tobacco (Herbs)

Tobacco (Herbs)


Akron “Ohi:yo” (Ohio)

Welcome to the visitor from

Akron Ohio

We, Tah and I,

have had the honor of visiting a few


Shawnee Villages in the past

One in


“Ohi:yo” Shawnee name for (Ohio)


one in


come to mind.

Can you imagine the number of,

so called,

“Non Recognized Shawnee Tribes?”

That are still in those two states,

not even counting Oklahoma.

What did they do paint themselves with invisible paint?

Maybe they thought that it was

“War Paint?”

Please keep in mind while you read our answers

to this type of question.

We love, respect and protect our people and for the most part the Elders.


one of only two tribes

that never surrendered

to the invaders

and never will.


if you do not kneel to the man,

you get treated like

dirt under foot


swept under the rug so to speak.

Well back to your visit

to one of many of our posting on

Native (Indian) Tobacco.

Tobacco (Herbs) as a Traditional Native American Gift



Our friends,

even with the distance between tribes,


“Blessed Tobacco,”

the same as our people.

Because tobacco seems to be one of the most asked question.

Please understand that when talking about tobacco

“Traditional Tobacco”

I write only as a


so tobacco


Kinnick – Kinnick (Herbs),

tobacco no one would ever enjoy smoking.

Herbs picked special by the

“Clan Mothers.”