Traditional Sweat Eastern Woodland


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The Traditional Sweat of an Eastern Woodland People


Sheffield Massachusetts is part of New England and yes, people from your area did do this type of Sweat.

In fact, a number of tribes in and around your area would often send members to my grandfathers meeting and ceremonies.

Chief Homer St. Francis

of the St. Francis Sokoki Band of the Abenaki at Missisquoi

was a good friend of my father (Shechaim Ziek)


Grandfather (Shechaim Tallfox)

and a real true teaching Mentor American Natives Elder for me

and so many others while we were growing up in Uncasvillage!

Pam & Ed Lincoln real good friends of ours, (Donna and I) and belong to a tribe in your state and Ed’s father, Shechaim Lincoln was one of the regulars visitors.

Shechaim Chief (3) Bears of the same tribe also made many trips to our people and another of my Mentors while growing up as a Traditionalist.

We love and miss them dearly and miss the New England Ares since my retirement.


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