Boy who seeks blessings for others

Boy who seeks blessings for others, needs some of his own


I’m praying for his ‘Blessing.

How about you?


Alex Martinez, 7, a Leesburg boy who started a “blessing box” for homeless people in his community this summer, underwent emergency surgery for a perforated appendix at 1 a.m. Monday at Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children in Orlando. On Tuesday and still at the hospital, he is making progress and in good spirits.

“My grandma and my dad are taking really, really good care of my blessing box. They are taking things out and putting things in and I am pretty, pretty happy about that because they’ve never done that,” he said.

“It’s really, really important to my (homeless) people because they need to get everything they need.”

The primary goal of the blessing box is to give away food, toiletries and clean clothing essentials to people who need them.

The box, located at 1320 Vine Street, stands in front of the Martinez house and is marked with simple instructions: “Take what you need. Leave what you can. Be blessed.”

Since they erected that box, Janet said people have stopped by almost daily to keep it replenished.


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