Donald Trump is not stupid.


Newsweek got it right (Trump said)

U.S. (United States of America against Donald Trump!

U.S. Newsweek.

Donald Trump might not be the sharpest Tack in the pack

however, he also is not stupid.

He is however, the cheapest person to run for office.

I think that he got that from his brother David Duke.


For the un-teen time,

Donald Trump made a

Flat Out Stupid Statement.

And as with his brother in brains,

David Duke.


CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC, MSNBC and Fox news,

Followed by every state media in the country,

Spending (thousands of their dollars),

talking all day long about Donald Trump.


Donald Trump spent

“Zero dollars”.


So, who are really the

“Stupid Ones?”

Donald Trump:

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama

‘Co-Founded’ ISIS


By Reuters 8/11/16

Like I said,

the two President Bush wars,

opened the land up

and like a tidal wave


of ‘Leaches’,

ISIS flowed in!



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