Blame Hillary Clinton and our President

Trump Campaign,


Donald Trump,

Katrina Pierson

Trump campaign spokeswoman Katrina Pierson


Paul Manafor

Donald Trump’s campaign chairman Paul Manafort,

Can’t Stop Blaming Obama For Humayun Khan’s Death

Capt. Khan was killed in Iraq in 2004.


President George w. Bush


Vice-president Dick’s Chaney presidency!

Obama did not take office until 2009.


Happy Birthday Mr. President!

Still the republicans keep up the lie of Blame Hillary and our President?

Paul Manafort says the real problem is

“war in the Middle East, the destabilization and the policies of

Obama and Clinton that caused them.”


Donald Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort on Thursday blamed Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton

for the death of Army Capt. Humayun S.M. Khan,

a Muslim American war hero whose parents mounted a vocal opposition to the GOP nominee and his anti-Muslim bigotry last week.

Capt. Khan was killed in Iraq in 2004 while protecting his unit from a car bomb. Obama did not take office until 2009 ― meaning Manafort made the same chronological error that Trump campaign spokeswoman Katrina Pierson did earlier this week.

“It was under Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton that changed the rules of engagement that probably cost his life,” she told CNN on Tuesday.

Pierson later walked back her remarks, admitting her “timeline” was off.

Katrina Pierson


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  1. This woman, Katrina Pierson , is as dumb as a rock, no wait, Pierson is dumber, but you can’t fault her for the brilliant hatred that she spews everyday on CNN. CNN just loves her.


    • Renxkyoko
      I love first Kiehtan (my Creator), my family in this house, my WordPress, Facebook, Google, and Tweeter family.
      With today’s media, I find it hard-pressed to find any that I can even say that I like let alone love.
      I know that as a Spiritual Teacher this is not seen well in the eyes of God.
      Therefore, I am working on the love thing my friend.


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