My Mom Is a Rape Survivor and You Can Help

Dear NCAA: My Mom Is a Rape Survivor and You Can Help


My mother and I are asking the NCAA to ban violent athletes.

Please read my letter and sign our petition.

Let the NCAA know that sports are NOT more important than human lives!

Mother/Son Team NCAA Petition Happening Today Petition calls to band sexually violent Athletes.

157,000 signatures.

Schools and Conferences decide punishment?

Help take back our children

from greedy adults

in those greedy schools!

Meet the mother and son taking on the NCAA over sexual assault in college sports

It’s gonna take a lot of pressure”

6/20/16 12:37 PM

Darius Adams thinks college sports has a big problem.

It’s not just that athletes on campuses across the country are committing acts of violence and sexual assault. It’s that schools often allow them to get away with it with little or no consequences. Their value as athletes takes precedence over their actions off the field. Faced with this landscape, Adams is taking his frustrations to the only group he thinks can make a difference: the National Collegiate Athletic Association.

“Sports are NOT more important than human lives!” Adams, a college basketball player himself, wrote in an impassioned petition. His goal is simple: Convince the NCAA to institute a policy banning violent athletes from college sports.


I did sign this petition,

please help if you can and/or agree?


I am a retired manager, coach, player, father, and grandfather, of school sports and I am sick to my stomach every time I see the abuse school systems are allowing to go on, just to win a


yes, it is still,

“Just a Game!”