Ghazala Khan is a United States of America Muslim and a Citizen


 Mr. Trump, you are wrong, Women in this country,


I am not much of an expert on anything and being retired, I like it that way.

That said,

Ghazala Khan, Mother of our hero, is an American Citizen.

And I am an expert on my,

“United States of America Citizen Customers!”

As my followers know, I retired after 40 years in service

(Service-Technician to heating and cooling companies).

While training students, helpers, and visiting with customers,

I have always pointed out my #1 tool while working.

I believe that the best tool ever for any Service Technician worth his or her salt is,

“The Customer.”

In those 40 years,

I found out that at 75% 25%


The women are the better choice for your ear.

Men are ‘cool,’ they don’t care much about the problem, just fix it.


if you take the time to listen,

will tell you about a funny noise not hear before


that different smell and so on.

Mr. Trump,

Women of all walks of life, race and/or gender,

with or without their husband’s

permission in this country,


Fury as Trump mocks Muslim soldier’s mother Ghazala Khan

Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump has attracted outrage by mocking a dead US Muslim soldier’s mother.

Ghazala Khan stood silently next to her husband as he attacked Mr. Trump in an emotional speech to the Democratic National Convention on Thursday.

Mr. Trump suggested she may not have been allowed to speak.

Republicans and Democrats said the Republican candidate’s comments were no way to talk of a hero’s mother. Mrs. Khan said she was upset by his remarks.

Last week her husband Khizr Khan told Democrats Mr. Trump had sacrificed “nothing and no-one” for his country.

At the convention in Philadelphia, he said his son would not even have been in America if it had been up to Mr. Trump, who has called for a ban on Muslims entering the US.

Humayun Khan was killed by a car bomb in 2004 in Iraq at the age of 27.