Someone once said, “Trump is ‘clueless.’

 We are not using names because this is not meant to be a fight!

 Remember please, that Senator Bernie Sanders is a Socialist, Independent

and this is OK

it is a free country.

I need to get this off my chest.

I stopped following many of my WordPress, Facebook, Tweeter, and Google followers for the following reason and many more.

A statement to me,

‘of all people’!


“Mr. Trump has made it obvious that he doesn’t know anything about the Bible as he has made it obvious that he has no clue about what the Constitution says about anything.”

“I trust him more than Hillary

(that’s not saying much)

but the best word to describe him is



Hillary Rodham Clinton has a lifetime proven record of helping others.

Donald Trump has a lifetime proven record of helping himself!

And Yet,

people like this are still following me just waiting to jump in with

their foolish, uncalled for, comments?

I have not been a Senator Bernie Sanders follower this politician year,

simple because he is not a Democrat and I am.


He just went back to his Socialist, Independent Party.

Please don’t get me wrong, I have many Republican friends, Independent friends and Democratic friends.

Many years ago my friend (Nick Pedro) and I started the ‘B Independent Party’ up in Montville.

We and many of our friends from both of what today is called ‘the major parties’ were able to get good, caring, people, elected to office.

My friend Nick passed and I got sick and retired and the party knuckled under to the pressure of the other parties.

The point being is,

Everyone in the world knows that Trump has been lying about the Bible and the Constitution along with every other word that comes out of his mouth.

My question, the same question that I have been asking for over a year is,

how can anyone in the world still say the same foolish statement, and say this without a single drop of proof!

“I trust him more than Hillary?”


Be saying this with a straight face?

What are they smoking and drinking?

Mind you my friends,


You want movement in this country?

Vote out all of those “Do Nothings,” is our “Do Nothing Congress,” Elect Hillary and watch this country and the world SHINE!