Players turn out to say ‘thanks’

This to me is real sportsmanship


I thank God for eyes to read this.


Players turn out to say ‘thanks’ to Leesburg’s ultimate assistant

Posted: Saturday, July 30, 2016

“These are my girls,”

Upshaw boasted to staff members and her fellow residents on Wednesday

as she carried a basketball and strode proudly to an outdoor patio.

“This is my basketball team.

My players.

They’re all my children and they came to see me.

“This is a very happy day for me.”

Upshaw has followed

Leesburg sports

for more than

70 years.

She attended Lake County Training School

a facility built for

African-American students

in the 1920s

and was later renamed Carver Heights High School.



played basketball

and was nicknamed

“Big Train”

because of her hardwood prowess.

Ms. Upshaw


Ophelia Upshaw holds a basketball

given to by

former Leesburg High School athletes

on Wednesday.

“The only thing she ever wanted was for us to be the best we could be,”

said Tiffany Cosgrove,

a former basketball player.

“For some of us, that was a tough lesson to learn.

She was tough on us, but she always respectful to us.”