Breanna and Zieks Doctor


For the past five and a half years (5 1/2), Breanna has had no other doctor for some very good reasons that I am willing to go into later.

Breanna is spry, healthy, a good eater and most important, still with us.

Now my friends, we are so happy to know that Ziek is getting the same “Great Care and Love,” from his doctor that Breanna has been enjoying.


Julia Wuerz

Clinical Assistant Professor

Yesterday, because it was needed, Ziek was a fit-in to the very best doctor in the world, Breanna and Zieks Blog, Breanna and Zieks opinion.

The real reason why we in this household can say this

with love, pride and knowledge is,

Even against great odds, they are both still with us and healthy.



How many doctors are always willing to come into the room, sit on the floor, examine the patient with TLC while asking and answering every needed question?

How many has been doing this for at least 5 1/2 years?

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