Native Americans’ treatment shameful


Letter to the Editor

This is an interesting letter to say the least.


As you will learn by reading the following letter and books on our people, this government murdered hundreds of thousands of

unarmed, defenseless, innocent, old men, women and children from tribes throughout Indian Country (The United States of America).

While knowing this,


still no president, including President Barrack Obama,

will end the insult to an innocent man and free Leonard Peltier.

Yes, someone and no one really knows who,

shot two Federal Agents after someone, no one knows who,

fired a shot,

while the Federal Agents were trespassing on private land

Letter to the Editor

Native Americans’ treatment shameful

If the Ten Commandments are something from the Bible that should be taken literally,

I think it is logical to conclude that America has to be disqualified from the claim of being a Christian nation,

since the commandments against

stealing, murdering, coveting and making false idols

were heinously violated when the federal, state and local governments

decided to greedily take minerals and precious metals from the Native Americans’ lands

without compensation and then brutally expropriated those same lands.

When reading

“Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee,”

I was horrified to learn that when the U.S. Cavalry was tasked with removing Native Americans from their lands,

abominable methods were used that often approximated those of the Islamic State.

Basically, any and all atrocities imaginable were perpetrated against defenseless and peaceful women, children, babies and old people.

Furthermore, and perhaps more importantly,

what reinforces this notion that the U.S. cannot be thought of as a Christian nation is that the mistreatment of Native Americans is being perpetuated to this day,

with the continued existence of reservations where living conditions are tragically inhumane,

with unemployment rates reaching 80 percent,

where alcoholism and drug abuse are rampant


where hopelessness results in teenage suicide rates up to 10 times the national average.

It has been said that the measure of a society

is how it cares for the least of those in that society.

It is a sad state of affairs when non-profit organizations like Remote Area Medical

are needed to provide the services that impoverished people are entitled to by virtue not only of the principle of common human decency

but by being the citizens of the wealthiest nation on the planet.

I think it is high time this country atoned for its misdeeds in any and every way possible.

Robert A. Christiansen, Knoxville

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Allan Webb on Sunday

And no dramatic measures have even been considered in addressing the problems that our indigenous people have.

I don’t have a solution but we owe it to them.

The politicians ignore them except for helping them get casinos on reservations.

They probably got a kick-back from the gambling lobby as a donation to the benefit of the members of the two houses of Congress.



might not be the sharpest tack in the package,


I for one have the answer



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  1. I remember back in 1997 when I was at the Promise Keepers gathering called Stand in the Gap, the most moving part of the whole thing for me was when the Native Americans opened the ceremonies with the tribal version of “Amazing Grace”, then all in attendance prayed for forgiveness for the atrocities done to the Native American people. A moment I’ll never forget. Aho!


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