No federal money to clean up Florida Rivers


No federal money to clean up Florida Rivers

Amendment One passed by a 75% Yes Vote


According to the Associated Press, Florida voters have passed Amendment 1, a measure that designates billions of dollars to conservation efforts over the next 20 years.

The Associated Press declared Amendment 1 passed on Tuesday. With about half the expected votes counted, the amendment had 75 percent “yes” votes to 25 percent no. It needed 60 percent of the vote to pass.

Amendment 1 will draw its funding from an existing real estate tax, and would dedicate 33 percent of it annually to conservation. That would be about a billion a year.

About half of the money will fund Florida Forever, a conservation land purchasing program that saw its budget slashed by 97 percent since 2009 dude to the Great Recession. The money was never restored after the economy rebounded.

It was to be used for our Lakes, rivers and Lagoons, whatever happened to the money?

Sugar companies pollute, Lobbyist pay money, Governor Rick Scott, Senator Marco Rubio, Florida republican controlled congress, and past governors, open their pockets.

Governor Scotts answer to no federal money to clean up Florida Rivers

Florida can pay for algae recovery on its own; FEMA says Algae tinges the water green at Bathtub Reef Beach in Martin County.


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By Isadora Rangel of TCPalm

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JOE ACERRA – Today at 6:14 AM

Google Amendment One and Learn how the Republican Party Works!

They use a method of

“Profits at any Cost Approach,”

Then they make the taxpayers clean it up!

The Koch Brothers Industries will spend 900 Million of their own Fortune keeping the GOP Polluters in office!

The Amendment Passed with a


To send the water south and save the I.R. Lagoon!