Is Patrick Murphy CPA/Businessman lying?



I am not making  this stuff up my friends,

it is all out on the internet for anyone to read.

This is what you must keep being made aware of,

“Lying, phony, half-truth, political ads!”

The Republican, PAC supporting Marco Rubio’s

Republican Senate re-election,

unleashed attacks on Patrick Murphy’s background


“Patrick Murphy in not a small businessman owner in Florida or a CPA in Florida!”

Congressman Patrick Murphy said,

“I am a businessman and a CPA!”

While trying to clean up alga from the


‘Lake Okeechobee Florida Toxic Alga Bloom Disaster’ from chemicals releasing into the lake, the pollution that the two opponents have been ignoring,


Congressman Patrick Murphy asked the Federal Government for help.

Martin County Commissioner Ed Fielding was one of Murphy’s first defenders.

“As soon as Rep. Murphy’s office learned that we would be opening a disaster relief office on Wednesday, they were very supportive and offered to help promote this important program,”

Fielding said in an emailed statement.

“Under no circumstances did Rep. Murphy’s office ask for a delay of anything that could be helpful to the residents of Martin County.”