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To one of our posting questioning about Fake Indians.

Indian Scholar Ousted As Fake Indian

This makes four people lately being called a fake by people also of questionable ability to be calling anyone anything.

We are questioning the words Fake Indians, the places where those words are appearing and the people who are using those words.

Because we are sick and tired of

‘off the top of their hats,’

lack of knowledge,

from non-natives.

I hate to use this type of comparing.


nothing else seems to get through to so many people’s thick heads.

When the people still alive, thank God, in the Nazi Concentration Camps

(tattoo numbers),

‘no one asked them if they were really Jews or someone helping those Jews’?

Everyone just went out of their way to help them all.

Well, the people who survived the onslaught of the

European brutal push west, it started over on the east.

Just because someone refuses to take a

(plastic card, in place of a tattoo),

or this government and/or this governments pet casino Indians, tell you that someone is not a Native American, this does not in any way mean that they are correct.

If someone tells you that their great, great, grandparents were in a horrible accident, do you force them to prove this?

We have been to hundreds of tribal gatherings where most of them

do not want a casino,

but still must prove their heritage to you,



For the most part we just want to be left alone, or come enjoy a gathering, Indian taco, sit and hear our stories, watch your children learn to dance, or go on a scavenger hunt in and around the gathering

(well supervised of course),


Sneak up dance


or even a candy dance.

Check out our Native American Vendors and the food court.

However, when any one of those thousands of tribal people, tell you that their ancestors have the blood,

believe them or just walk away!