Seven-member commission in Lake Picket


The voting keeps coming up 4 to 3!

The same 4 and the same 3.

I wonder why?

If you are saying that you do not know?


May developers, builders, and traffic, show up on your street until you get it!


All any developer needs to do is buy

‘four crooked commissioner’

in order to build anything!

Not that any Florida Commissioner

is a crook, God Forbid,

That would be illegal.

Even my most died in the wool republican followers

must be able to see the trees through the forest!

A little play on words if you will? 🙂

Around 100 homeowners from Lake Picket, Mayor Teresa Jacobs and 2 commissioners labored until almost 2AM in the morning

To get any one of those four ‘commissioners’

to care about the people,


Nice to see that Florida is still For-sale to the highest bidder!

So it would seem to me that Mayor Teresa Jacobs and 2 commissioners voted for the people


The other 4 commissioners voted for the developer.

Why would this be do you suppose?

Lake Picket development passed after 7.5 hour commission meeting

Updated: Jul 13, 2016 – 5:58 AM

A vote that’s going to have a huge impact on the future of East Orange County

IV.I.18. Comprehensive Plan for Sean Froelich for Rolling R Ranch, LTD

Around 100 people showed up until 2am 4 to 3 vote

The next step would be to send the proposal to the state for review and feedback and then hold an adoption hearing.

In other words, send it to Governor Rick Scott and his republican controlled congress


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