Is she or is she not guilty?


Is she or is she not guilty?

No matter how one might feel about our politicians and we already know my feelings.

In this country, the law still has not changed as far as I know.

One is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law by a jury her or his peers!

Only she can prove her guilt or innocence, because there is no proof of her involvement, only speculations.

One by one, by any means, the congress, state and federal are willing to stoop to new lows, just to keep their (Do Nothing Jobs)!

And the media is on the front lines helping to slant our minds into corruption.

Governor Rick Scott slipped out of Illinois seconds before a lynch mob.

We are talking a billions dollars from Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security.

Senator Marco Rubio, was a ‘(do nothing senator),‘ and now a ‘(do nothing republican), while trying to get his ‘(Do nothing), Job back’.

Jeb Bush,

Marco Rubio


Rick Scott

accepted money from the NRA!

Where are there fraud indictments?

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  1. Your lead photo made me remember an event that Jen and I had the privilege to attend last year where former Secretaries Powell and Albright spoke at the Daniel K. Inouye Distinguished Lecture Series. They touched upon some of the more recent partisanship issues along with remarks concerning their respective experiences while part of the Cabinet.


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