V.A. Hospital serving roaches in meals


Chicago Illinois V.A. Hospital serving roaches in meals


I was going to write about our Veterans Hospitals today after returning from shopping. However, while looking for the story to write about, I found this!



Cockroaches served in food at Chicago-area VA hospital

Thursday, Apr 28, 2016


What I was going to write about,

is what I have seen at every visit to every

V.A. Hospital since going to them for help.

Parking for the disabled Veteran

“REEKs from GREED!”

In every one of those hospitals,

the young healthy employees

take the best spots closest to doors


we the Veterans must fight for what is left.

Many veterans and I

complain to anyone inside with an ear,

and that ear suddenly goes deaf!


Because that ear is on an employee


if that person becomes a Whistle blower,

life becomes a horror.


That person might also be parking in our spots.

We have watched Employees

Park in handicapped spots while carrying their uniforms

place the sign on the mirror


change while heading to work!


U.S. Senator Mark Kirk (R-Ill.)

Today released the following statement after sending a letter to the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) last week

To demand answers about allegations that food service operations at the Edward Hines, Jr., VA Hospital in Illinois

are plagued by cockroaches and other unsanitary conditions:

β€œA veteran should NEVER be served food with a roach on their tray.

It’s not only deplorable to find out that a roach infestation in the veteran’s kitchen has been allowed to knowingly exist for years without remedy,

but once again we learn that the merry-go-round of bullied silence and cover-up continues at Hines VA with impunity.”



22 thoughts on “V.A. Hospital serving roaches in meals

  1. I am so sorry to hear about the problems at the VA in Chicago. I am a veteran and I use the VA in Amarillo Texas. I have never had a problem with them. In fact I am also a Volunteer there, I drive a van for the DAV in which we go to surrounding towns to bring them to the VA for treatment. We also provide a ride from the parking lot for any one who wants a ride. I have had severial meals from the cafatera and has alwas been excenlent.


    • Harbin77
      I am pleased to hear about you V A my follow shipmate.
      As I have stated, once inside the hospital, it is far better than any other hospital on the outside.
      My problem has always been getting there and finding parking.
      The Tampa V A does have a parking garage some distance away with golf-cart shuttle.
      Off subject, how familiar you with the ships store at your V A?
      I am looking for the once popular Native Military Ball Cap.
      By the time I get finished with the doctors I am always too beat to walk to the other side of my new hospital and also cannot find the store on the internet.

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