Warren should apologize to Native Americans

 Warren should apologize to Native Americans,


The Cherokee and the Oglala Lakota Nation people are not

New England and therefore

not qualified to question our people!


Simor Morya Smith a typical young mixed breed from the Oglala Lakota Nation,

telling a New England Native American

how to be a Oglala Lakota,

Say What?

This young Simon, should mind his own business,

before putting his mouth in gear until his brain wakes up!


Warren should apologize to Native Americans

By Simon Moya-Smith

a Bernie Sanders Follower

anyou must take his word knowing what the Bernie followers are?


POSTED: 10:43 AM PDT Jun 29, 2016

I am not now


never was


might never be a fan

of Elizabeth Warren.

To me she is a forced Hillary follower.

That said,

Elizabeth Warren did not say that she was a Native American,

or in

Simons Oglala Lakota world,


Elizabeth Warren said that her family members

told her that she was.

A Big Difference, Not a lie!

I have been

am now


will always be

a protector of the elders and ancestors of our people!

Our Mixed Breed Ancestors, many if not most were forced into being a Mixed breed by marriage, Rape, slavery by the European invaders from many countries!

What’s wrong with a MIXED BREED?


The only people on Mother Earth that must take a DNA test just to prove that they are people are the ‘First People of the Land!

Senator Scott Brown of Massachusetts why should a citizen of this country take a DNA test just because you want it?


To start with Simon Moya-Smith

(also a half – Breed I might add),

the name Smith is a European name.


What about the Boston talk radio

host Howie Carr

with his fiction Hollywood Indian “Howdy?”


Was this from your people?


Simon Moya-Smith

Current CNN, Indian Country Today

Previous NBC News,

If he ends up on Fox News,

his past will catch up with him.


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