Stopping Scams Against Seniors


U.S. congresswoman from Florida pushing for elder protection


(By The News Service of Florida)

Proposed Congressional legislation would create a national registry of people and businesses

that are found guilty of committing fraud, abuse or neglect against elderly people.

Known as the Senior Citizens Protection Act,

the measure would build a database for seniors and their caregivers to use,

prior to hiring someone for help with finances or personal care.

No such list currently exists.

North Florida Congresswoman Gwen Graham will sponsor the bill.

Speaking at a senior center in Tallahassee Monday,


Graham says since Florida has such a large number of elderly residents,

it can be easy and lucrative for crooks to prey on them.

“People, as they get older, they may become more isolated,”

said the Democrat out of Tallahassee.

“Therefore, those that might reach out to them for not the right reasons find an ear and someone who wants to have that connection and human contact.”

Graham says she will file her legislation in the next week or so, when Congress returns from its current break.

She is not running for reelection this fall,

but is hopeful the legislation will pass before her term expires in early January.

I say that,

We must also add, teaching our elderly to use of our newest technology


like, computers, I-pads, cell phones and so on, to help speed up any help that they might be needing?

I am sure that companies would be glad to send representatives. For free, to teach.


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